How to Contribute, Subscribe/Unsubscribe to Of Two
There are five basic ways to subscribe to the weekly Musings Reports:
(the subscription is $5/month or an annual payment of $50/year)

1. Subscribe via PayPal using the buttons below ($5/month; there is a $10/month option at readers' request)

2. Make a payment of $50 via PayPal (for a one-year subscription):

3. Make a payment of $50 via Dwolla

In order to make a payment via PayPal or Dwolla, you must first join PayPal or Dwolla.

4. Send payment of $50 via U.S. Mail

If you prefer not to use either payment system, you can send a check, cash or quatloos to:

Charles Smith
P.O. Box 4727
Berkeley, CA 94704
5. Contribute $50 in bitcoin

Thank you very much for supporting with your subscription.

Contributions in any amount are greatly appreciated.
To contribute any amount via PayPal, click this button:

To contribute any amount via Dwolla, click this button:
To contribute bitcoins: choose BTC from the pulldown menu, enter an amount and click the "bitcoin accepted here" button. The Musings Reports are distributed via email, so if you are subscribing for $50/year, please include your email or email me .

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If your Paypal subscription has "failed":

If your PayPal subscription to has "failed" due to an expired credit card or other issue, it is often easier to cancel your existing subscription (unsubscribe) and then start a replacement subscription by clicking on one of the "Subscribe" buttons.

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