February 8, 2017

Rather than put all one's eggs in one basket (specialization), thr Mobile Creative seeks to develop a diverse range of skills.

Pundits love to talk about entrepreneurism and community, but only in the abstract. Few if any actually explain how to become self-employed or build a community, because the conventional mainstream pundit has never hired a single person with his/her own money or struggled to build a productive network of social capital from scratch.

Drew Sample and I discuss self-employment in Two Beers With Charles Part One (1:07) and community and the marketplace in Two Beers With Charles Part Two (1:09). These are topics we've discussed in previous podcasts, but there is more fine-grained discussion of the nitty-gritty here--developing multiple income streams, etc.--as Drew was recently laid off from his Corporate America job.

In a typical 20-minute podcast, the host and I will cover specific topics and questions. In these podcasts, Drew and I have the luxury of conversation : the topics shift and each of us allows the other to fill out a complete thought or story. (He's in Ohio, I'm on the Left Coast. He's a youngish 30, I'm an oldish 63.)

The grim reality is self-employment and small business are in long-term decline. It's increasingly challenging to establish financial independence via self-employment or your own enterprise:

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