January 1, 2020

A grab-bag of resolutions from the occasionally-controlled chaos of life.

Since "We are what we repeatedly do" (attributed to Aristotle), i.e. we are what we do every day, resolutions have little consequence until they become daily habits. With that in mind, here's a grab-bag of resolutions I want to manifest in 2020:

1. Mourn what is lost but celebrate what remains.

2. Learn from the past but look to the future.

3. Get rid of something every week that I no longer use/am unlikely to use.

4. Don't wait for someone else to clean up a mess; clean it up myself.

5. Make my own five-year plan; lay out what I need to learn and invest to reach these goals.

6. Forgive others, and myself.

7. Get stronger, not meaner.

8. Create more, ask for less.

9. Grow more food/lavish more care on my gardens and fruit trees.

10. Try new recipes.

11. Build more stuff.

12. Promote scale-invariant localized / global solutions, i.e. the CLIME (Community Labor Integrated Money Economy) system.

13. Seek out and nurture beauty in all its manifestations.

14. Go camping.

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