"There isn't a shrewder and more insightful observer of the chaotic, swirling American scene than Charles Hugh Smith. If you are having trouble making sense of your culture, please buy this book!"
-- James Howard Kunstler , author of The Long Emergency and the World Made By Hand novels
"Less 'how-to' than how to think, An Unconventional Guide to Investing in Troubled Times is the perfect antidote to the smoke-and-mirrors groupthink that runs rampant on Wall Street. Chock full of insights on accumulating and preserving wealth in a rapidly-changing world, Charles Hugh Smith's latest book is a 'must have.'"
-- Michael Panzner , author of Financial Armageddon and When Giants Fall
"For anyone seeking an original, eye-opening, unvarnished and practical approach to the real New Normal, and the capital markets that accompany it, Charles Hugh Smith, one of the very few voices in the noisy wilderness of the financial Internet worth listening to, has just released this must read book for anyone who wishes to learn about the other, and more importantly correct, side of the story."
-- Tyler Durden , Zero Hedge
"A masterful synthesis of essential insight and practical guidance. This Unconventional Guide explains why our economy and financial markets have reached a level of unsustainable systemic risk -- and how understanding the nature of the forces at play enables savvy strategies for securing 'wealth' (of all kinds) as the inevitable dénouement unfolds. Few authors write with the intelligence and heart that Charles does; fewer books empower the reader more to face the certain changes in our future with confidence."
-- Chris Martenson & Adam Taggart , proprietors of ChrisMartenson.com

The next 20 years will not be a simple extension of the previous 20 years. Everything that is currently seen as permanent--the Savior State, the financialized economy, cheap energy-- is visibly unsustainable. Status Quo personal finance strategies--"buy and hold" and global diversification--are doomed by their reliance on increasingly unstable global markets and a myopic focus on the rearview mirror--the recent past is no longer an accurate guide to the future.

Uniquely troubled times require an unconventional understanding and "tool kit" of investment strategies. This comprehensive guide offers practical ideas for everyone, from those seeking to protect 401Ks or IRAs to entrepreneurs to those with more time than money to invest in their future. This book offers a broad spectrum of strategies for investing your human, social and financial capital in low-risk, decentralized, diversified assets that increase resiliency and self-reliance.

Topics include systemic risk, the spectrum of potential investments, gold, hedging, relative value, hybrid work, income streams, ecosystems of local enterprise and the essential tools of lower-risk investing.

Read the Introduction (below) and Chapter One .

Section I: Systemic Risk and Investing

Chapter One: An Overview of Instability

Chapter Two: Why the Status Quo Is Unsustainable

Chapter Three: An (Anachronistic) Observer’s Perspective

Chapter Four: Our Need for Inspiration and Hope

Chapter Five: The Unconventional Path

Chapter Six: The Many Layers of Risk

Chapter Seven: Novelty, Habit and Cognitive Biases

Chapter Eight: Self-Knowledge and the Psychology of Investing
Section II: The Spectrum of Potential Investments

Chapter Nine: The Spectrum of Risk

Chapter Ten: Human and Social Capital

Chapter Eleven: Health, the One True Wealth

Chapter Twelve: Decentralized/Local Enterprises

Chapter Thirteen: An Example of a Local Enterprise

Chapter Fourteen: Ecosystems of Local Enterprise
Section III: Investment Tools

Chapter Fifteen: Essential Tools of Trading

Chapter Sixteen: Building Social and Human Capital

Chapter Seventeen: Relative Value/Performance

Chapter Eighteen: Assessing the Value of Local Assets

Chapter Nineteen: Hedging

Concluding Thoughts

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