Weekly Musings Reports: Reader Comments and Samples

What readers are saying about the Musings Reports
I’ve said before, your blog is my favorite and I like the Musings even more. For me, you are "pure," meaning interested in useful understanding and not contaminated with hidden agendas. I vote for you to keep on being yourself, and enjoying it.
Skip B.
I just wanted to tell you how much of a bargain I am getting for a few hundred bucks invested over a few years. Brendan O.
What makes you a channel worth paying for? It's actually pretty simple - you possess a clarity of thought that most of us can only dream of, and a perspective that allows you to focus on the truth with laser-like precision. Jim S.
I love your musings, Charles! What a wonderful gift to your subscribers! Carrie
Very insightful and covers many areas where I may not be focused due to my daily routine! John S. (active duty overseas, U.S. Navy)
I love it!!!! thank you for putting this together. So useful to get a "sane" appraisal of what is going on, rather than a hyped emotional "this is how you should think and feel." The internet can supply anyones particular need for a conspiracy-backed theory, but using data from multiple sources (give me the facts) increases the credibility dramatically of what the actual "big picture" is. And of course, I love your dissertation & dissection of what is going on, with just a "touch of acerbic wit" to spice it up a bit. Amy C.

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Sample Musings Reports

Musings 19 (2011) What $1 trillion looks like, De-Globalization

Musings 23 (2011) Black Swans, and the Inflation/Deflation Question

Musings 28 (2011) Between Various Rocks and Various Hard Places

Musings 30 (2011) The "Grand Story" of the Economy

Musings 2 (2012) Pondering how doctors choose to die

Musings 23 (2012) Heroine/Hero: Anna May Wong & Bruce Lee

Musings 24 (2012) The Positive Aspects of Pondering Quitting

Musings 25 (2012) A Darwinian Winnowing of Assumptions

Musings 29 (2012) Where we are now

Musings 30 (2012) The 4th Industrial Revolution

Musings 4 (2013) On Making Major Transitions

Musings 16 (2013) The Rise and Fall of Great Powers

Musings 18 (2013) The Great Disconnect

Musings 20 (2013) An Extraordinary Time

Musings 34 (2013) The (Social) Recession Is Real

Musings 40 (2013) False Positives & the Limits of Predictive Analysis

Musings 1 (2014) A Good Death?

Musings 9 (2014) Investing in Ourselves

Musings 22 (2014) Generation-Y Bet: Short the Banks, Housing and Luxury Retail

Musings 41 (2014) Burnout

Musings 43 (2014) The Paradox of Marriage

Musings 11 (2015) Disrupt or be Disrupted

Musings 20 (2015) Life's Most Important Dramas Are Being Disrupted

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